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The sun glistens in the cloudless sky the next day. Leo crawled out of his tent early in the morning, getting his clothes ready to wash them by the river. Rhee was kind enough to tell him how to do so since he was not quite used to washing in this way. Many of the others were awake as well. Some were up far earlier.
When he finally reaches the river he spots Carol washing other’s clothes. He casually tried to look if she had any new bruises. “Carol?” He asked, walking towards her. “You alright?”
She looked up and flashed him a friendly smile. It was hard to believe a woman as sweet such as her was with a guy like Ed. “Oh hello…I’m fine. You went to bed early last night. Feeling alright?”
Leo gave a nod, kneeling down so he can start his washing. “Yeah I’m fine. Just a little tired was all.”
Once he had washed his shirt and old pair of jeans, he made his way back when he spotted the red sports car being taken apart.
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Tell It To The Frogs
Rick could see Leo’s and Glenn’s faces light up as he brings in a beautiful, red sports car with a black stripe going down the hood like he was Santa Claus bearing gifts. “Oh my god.” Glenn gasps out as the cop busts open the windows to sound the alarm. He grins deviously over at Leo who gives a small one in return.
They could not WAIT to get behind the wheels of this thing.
“This is going to rock!” Leo can’t help but say hopping in the leathered seats with Glenn taking the wheel.
“Right?! I’d suggest you hang on tight Leo: We’re gonna burn some rubber!”
 Oh the benefits of being in an apocalypse.
 The tires do in fact squeal as they speed off towards the store, catching many walker’s attentions at the sound. Leo rolls down his window releasing a piercing whistle. “HEY!” He barked out as Glenn calls the others to go up to the roll out doors. “Hey that’s right, we’re over here
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Mature content
Guts :iconsynchronicityrose:SynchronicityRose 0 0
Bring it 'Flat Chest'.  by SynchronicityRose Bring it 'Flat Chest'. :iconsynchronicityrose:SynchronicityRose 1 0
Days Gone By
“Hey you. Dumbass. In the trailer. Cozy in there?” Leo hears Glenn speak into the radio. The good news was that they arrived in Atlanta without too many problems. Neither of them were dead either. They spotted a guy on a horse coming into the city…surrounded by walkers.
Leo watches with baited breath as the man makes it out of live fortunately. But his horse was unlucky. “Jesus…” He breathed out, watching the poor creature literally ripped to shreds by those monsters.
He didn’t want to imagine what would’ve become of that man had he stayed with the horse.
“We can’t just leave him there.” Leo spoke up, he would be wracked with guilt if they left the poor guy to fend for himself. Hoards of walkers were swarming the trailer he climbed into. Pounding and clawing at the metal. Glenn handed him the radio, taking a deep breath trying to speak into it next. “Hey…buddy. You still alive?”
“Hello? Hello?&
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Gender Bend Tala by SynchronicityRose Gender Bend Tala :iconsynchronicityrose:SynchronicityRose 1 0
Mature content
Immortals: One :iconsynchronicityrose:SynchronicityRose 0 0
Femme Aryon by SynchronicityRose Femme Aryon :iconsynchronicityrose:SynchronicityRose 1 0


Kairi Limit Form by AyriaHavein Kairi Limit Form :iconayriahavein:AyriaHavein 3 0
Bilbo X Lonely!Male!Elf!Reader ~ Trust Me
The arrival of thirteen dwarves being dragged to the gates by the guards drew flurries of interest from everyone within, and Bilbo struggled to remain unnoticed, darting between the legs of elves running around everywhere as he tried to stay unseen in the throng of bodies, while at the same time trying to keep an eye on the elves who had taken his friends, needing to know where they were to be taken.
Eventually, however, he was forced to give up in order to avoid raising suspicion after he backed into an elf who became a little too absorbed in working out exactly what he had hit. Getting away from the loud crowds he found a quiet corner in which to hide, trying to tone down the panic and anxiety that filled him with the knowledge that he had been separated from his companions again. He needed to attach himself to them with rope or something at this rate.
Bilbo wasn't sure just how long had passed before the hall finally quietened enough that he felt confident emerging from his h
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Acts of Courage (Bard x male!elf!reader)
Summary: Smaug is dead, Bard is missing and you want to find him. And kind of kiss him, too.
Pairing: Bard x male!elf!reader
Word count: ~1,700
Warnings: none me thinks? Except maybe some sappy Elvish lines... heh, couldn’t resist. :D
You felt anxious, scared even, and it made you uncomfortable because you were not used to feeling so nervous. A fear clutched onto your heart as you raked through the shoreline with you gaze, tried to find familiar faces from the midst of this chaos; the people of Laketown were shouting and crying, and as their screams of both despair over the ones they had lost in the dragon fire and happiness over those who had survived mixed up, you found it hard to find the voices you were looking for through all that.
The cold water was dripping from your soaked clothes and tangled hair along with the blood oozing from the injuries you had received, but you paid them little to no attention. You were too focused on searching for <i>
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Mature content
Vanitas X M!Reader X Axel (Lemon) 2/2 :icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 21 2
jang Hae Byeol by BabyTony jang Hae Byeol :iconbabytony:BabyTony 3 0
60 Word Challenge
1. Collapse
2. Browse
3. Institution
4. Database
5. Society
6. The cost
7. Isolated
8. Severest
9. Dice
10. Syndrome
11. Sensory
12. Hallucination
13. Schedule
14. Genesis
15. 46
16. Beneficial
17. Markedly
18. Auditory
19. Extensively
20. Compelled
21. Infiltrated
22. Not_____
23. Stage
24. Cells
25. Polar
26. Spread
27. Absorption
28. Intervention
29. Fatal
30. Clot
31. Production
32. Brain
33. Blind
34. Pressure
35. Maturation
36. Trade-off
37. Impact
38. Fever
39. Tolerance
40. Predicted
41. Dependence
42. Anxiety
43. Case
44. Radiate
45. Reduction
46. Euphoria
47. Designer
48. Lecture
49. Infant
50. Construct
51. Stressor
52. Layer
53. Bare
54. Toxic
55. Domestic
56. Sheepish
57. Arrow
58. Coma
59. Stroke
60. Impairment
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100 Writing Prompts
1. The love that you give
2. Life is a journey
3. Rustling leaves
4. The clank of glassware
5. Remembrance
6. Homage
7. When we began
8. Reasons
9. Bad Times
10. Doing what has to be done.
11. Forever
12. The stars above
13. Guitar
14. Penny
15. Large Shirt
16. Towel
17. Heaven
18. Gaze
19. Heart Strings
20. Prayer
21. Post-Its
22. Graduation
23. Longing
24. Bread
25. Shout
26. Climb
27. Jar
28. Antiseptic
29. Sickness
30. Snow Globe
31. Golden Microphone
32. Phonograph
33. Bandanna
34. "For as long as you live."
35. Plastic
36. Escalator
37. Leather Jackets
38. Grease
39. Cord
40. Cup
41. Solar Powered
42. Iron Maidens
43. Bought and Sold
44. Blinders
45. Corsage
46. Wiring
47. Cottage
48. Valentines
49. Lanterns
50. Diversion
51. How?
52. Inversion
53. Alert
54. Putting it to rest.
55. Look around you.
56. "Still My Guitar Gently Weeps." ~~George Harrison
57. Shock
58. Breaking Down
59. Kiss
60. Boxes
61. Shovel
62. Dance in the rain
63. A Catch-22
64. Sorrow
65. Touch
66. Fit to be
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20 Writing Prompts
20 Writing Prompts
“This shouldn’t hurt.” She said quietly, soulless eyes downcast.
An empty street, once filled with colour and life, was far more desolate than one that had always been barren.
My shadow crept across the wall as I waited; the clock’s ticking dragging me through each long second with hope for the next.
I’d read between the lines, but it didn’t mean I liked what I’d found.
He dropped his head, the fatigue of days finally seeping into his abused muscles; the last of his strength finally gone.
“Look,” he’d said softly, pointing at the night sky and the only light that littered the velvet night; the stars. My eyes shot back to him quizzically, the unspoken question on my lips. He laughed as he always did, eyes creasing in his merriment. “When you’ve finished counting all the stars in the sky,” he said, voice dropping to a whisper, “that’s when I’ll come home to you.”
You could see h
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Naruto Ending Base - Sunset Version by Eleanor-Devil Naruto Ending Base - Sunset Version :iconeleanor-devil:Eleanor-Devil 57 1 Naruto Mothers - Base 2 by Eleanor-Devil Naruto Mothers - Base 2 :iconeleanor-devil:Eleanor-Devil 43 1 Naruto - Couple Base by Eleanor-Devil Naruto - Couple Base :iconeleanor-devil:Eleanor-Devil 93 10 Rosalina Belly Tickles (Request) by ticklefan115 Rosalina Belly Tickles (Request) :iconticklefan115:ticklefan115 23 11 I Do :Base: by DeadTreachery-Bases I Do :Base: :icondeadtreachery-bases:DeadTreachery-Bases 495 36 Yummy :Base: by DeadTreachery-Bases Yummy :Base: :icondeadtreachery-bases:DeadTreachery-Bases 380 44 Keyblade Base 1 by Watersparx-Bases Keyblade Base 1 :iconwatersparx-bases:Watersparx-Bases 109 7 Female Keyblade base 1 by Watersparx-Bases Female Keyblade base 1 :iconwatersparx-bases:Watersparx-Bases 226 38


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The sun glistens in the cloudless sky the next day. Leo crawled out of his tent early in the morning, getting his clothes ready to wash them by the river. Rhee was kind enough to tell him how to do so since he was not quite used to washing in this way. Many of the others were awake as well. Some were up far earlier.

When he finally reaches the river he spots Carol washing other’s clothes. He casually tried to look if she had any new bruises. “Carol?” He asked, walking towards her. “You alright?”

She looked up and flashed him a friendly smile. It was hard to believe a woman as sweet such as her was with a guy like Ed. “Oh hello…I’m fine. You went to bed early last night. Feeling alright?”

Leo gave a nod, kneeling down so he can start his washing. “Yeah I’m fine. Just a little tired was all.”

Once he had washed his shirt and old pair of jeans, he made his way back when he spotted the red sports car being taken apart. Glenn showed a look of great disapproval. “Oh boy,” he laughs softly. “Don’t tell me they’re taking apart our baby.”

"Look at 'em. Vultures." Glenn mutters.

"Generators need every drop of fuel they can get. Got no power without it. Sorry you two.” Rick adds.

“Ah we’ll live. Although I was kinda hoping to take it for a spin a few days.”

 "Maybe we'll get to steal another one someday." Rick assures them. Leo gives a grin.

 “Well it is the apocalypse. Anything go-.”


 “MOM! Daddy! Leo!”

 Carl and Brianna.

They rush into the woods without any thought or hesitation. The little blond haired girl throws herself into Leo’s arms the minute she sees him, her parents and other two siblings. “Shhhh,” Leo shushed her gently, handing her to Alec as Rhee strokes her hair. “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

“The deer’s dead daddy,” Brianna sobbed into Alec’s chest. “The monster got to it.”

 The walker groans, ripping another intestine into his mouth turning to face the group. Leo holds down his urge to vomit the fish he ate this morning. As soon as it starts forward, Rick, Shane, Glenn, Leo, Alec and Jim start beating it. Dale enters moments later, lifting his ax over his shoulder swinging it down hard enough to chop the walker’s head clean off its body.

Leo panted heavily after it was over, shaking his head in disbelief. Body quivering.

 "It's the first one we've had up here. They never come this far up the mountain." Dale says in shock.

"Well, they're running out of food in the city, that's what." Jim tells them.

 A branch snaps.

They’re all on high alert. Leo lifts his gun Rick gave him back in the city, blood from the walker behind them still fresh on its barrel. “Oh Jesus.” Dale breathes out. Daryl Dixon emerges from the bushes, wielding his crossbow over his shoulder.

And he does not look satisfied.

"Son of a bitch. That's my deer! Look at it. All gnawed on by this…" Daryl starts to kick the walker that's on the floor, "filthy, disease bearing, motherless poxy bastard!"

"Calm down, son. That's not helping." Dale attempts to calm him but it’s not working.

"What do you know about it, old man?" Daryl questions. "Why don't you take that stupid hat and go back to 'On the Golden Pond'? I've been tracking this deer for miles. Gonna drag it back to camp, cook us up some venison. What do you think? Do you think we can cut around this chewed up part right here?"

“I would not risk that.” Shane warns him.

 Daryl sighs. "That's a damn shame. I got some squirrel. About a dozen or so. That'll have to do."

 The corpse’s head begins to move. Snarling and growling, ready to feast on more flesh.

“Oh God…”

 "Come on, people. What the hell?" Daryl snaps. He shoots it with one of her arrows. "It’s gotta be the brain. Don’t y’all know nothing?”


"Merle!" Daryl shouts for his brother once they arrive back at the camp. Still unknowing the fate his brother is in. Hand cuffed to a roof somewhere way back in the city. And probably dead by now. "Merle! Get your ugly ass out here! I got us some squirrel! Let’s stew ‘em up.”

Shit is he going to be ticked when he finds out Leo thinks with a hard swallow.

"Daryl, just slow down. I need to talk to you." Shane decides to tell him finally. Leo bites his lower lip, shifting out of nervous habit.

“About what?”

 "About Merle…There was a…There was a problem in Atlanta."

 You did not just know Daryl was upset…you could see it on his face.

“…He’s dead?”

 "We're not sure." Shane replies.

 “He either is or he ain’!” Daryl snapped.

 "No easy way to say this, so I'll just say it." Rick steps in next.

 “Who’re you?”

 “Rick Grimes…”

 "Rick Grimes, you got something you want to tell me?"

 "Your brother was a danger to us all, so I handcuffed him on a rood, hooked him to a piece of metal. He's still there." Rick explains.

Daryl’s expression soon changes from that of hurt, to anger. He paces in front of Rick. "Hold on. Let me process this. You're saying that you handcuffed my brother to a roof and you left him there?"


“Man Daryl’s scary when he’s mad.”

“No kidding.”

 Leo and Glenn conversed on a rock they sat upon. The taller of the two reading his book every so often. Glenn glanced curiously down at the cover to see what it was, raising an eyebrow. “…Narnia dude?” He asked in disbelief. Leo gave a roll of his eyes.

“Hey it’s a good series. Light hearted. Not too heavy.”

Glenn was about to retort when they jump at the sound of Shane’s voice. "You're just gonna walk off? Just to hell with everybody else?" They look at one another in shock. It sounded like he was arguing with someone.

"I'm not saying to hell with anybody…not you Shane."


"Lori last of all. Tell her that."

 "She knows."

"Well, look…I…I don't, okay? So could you just….could you just throw me a bone here, man?" Could you just tell me why? Why would you risk your life for a douche bag like Merle Dixon?"

"Hey!" Daryl shouts. "Choose your words more carefully."

 “No I won’t,” Shane retorts back. "Douche bag's what I meant. Merle Dixon…the guy wouldn't give you a glass of water if you were dying of thirst." Well Shane was not in the wrong saying that.

"What he would or wouldn't do doesn't interest me." Rick comments.

 Leo gives a shake of his head at their arguing. The arguing was beginning to not annoy him, but gave him a headache.

 They head back to the river where Carol, Amy, Jaqui and Andrea are. “You ladies need any help?” He asked.

“Sure.” Amy responded, Leo taking a seat on her left. He turned for a moment to see Ed smoking, giving him a short, glaring look before hearing Shane and Carl splashing about in the water.

“Sooo….” Andrea started, earning a chuckle from Jaqui. “You guys looked cozy: Cuddling up together like that last night.”

 Leo shook his head, already having a gut feeling where she was going with that. “Oh come on Andrea,” Scrubbing someone’s shirt in the water of dirt and grime. “Can’t two guys just huddle together when it’s cold?”

The blond haired woman shrugged, tossing them a playful grin. “I don’t know. But Leo sure seemed to be enjoying it at least.”

“Hey I was cold,” Leo replied fighting his urge to stutter. “We were just sharing some body heat.”

"They're coming, little man. Get 'em! Get that net in there and get 'em. What have you got, bad boy? What do you got? What do you got?"

Carl managed to catch something but it only turned out to be dirt. “…Dirt.”

Leo had to admit that Shane was very good with Carl and Lori, yet he still didn’t approve of the fact Shane seemed to have a ‘thing’ for Rick’s wife. She was a married woman for God’s sakes. You never, ever persuaded a married person the last Leo checked.

"Can someone explain to me how the women wound up doing all the Hattie McDaniel work?" Jaqui asks.

“I have to agree.” Amy responded, smiling gratefully to Leo. “At least you were sweet enough to help.”

As they continued cleaning, Leo couldn’t help but wonder about Rick and the others. Did they find Merle yet? The thought made him feel a little sick as to how Merle would have reacted seeing T-Dog again.

"I miss my coffee maker with that dual-drip filter and built-in grinder, honey." Jacqui tells us.

 Leo starts counting many of the things and people he greatly missed.

“I miss my computer and texting.” Amy’s response.

 “I miss my PS2 and E-Reader,” Leo says. “Had a ton of books in my library.”

 "I miss my vibrator." Andrea says. Leo stares at her in shock before bursting out laughing with the others. Although he  hadn’t had any real experience with that. He shuts up instantly hearing footsteps behind.

"What's so funny?" Ed’s booming voice sounds from behind.

 “Something the matter Ed?” Andrea asks. Her tone was challenging and that pissed him off. He was not one who liked to be challenged period. Considered himself a ‘real alpha male’. Carol feels dread coil in her stomach when he shoots her a glare before focusing back on Andrea.

"Nothing that concerns you. And you ought to focus on your work. Ain't no comedy club."

 Leo grits his teeth. The presence of Ed makes the hair on the back of his neck stand on complete end. Finally something seems to snap in him. Despite Jacqui’s warning for him to keep it cool, Leo speaks to Ed in the angriest voice he can form.

“Tell you what Ed: If you don’t like how we’re doing YOUR laundry…why don’t you do it yourself?” He grabs a shirt and chucks it at him.

Oh it hits him alright, but he rolls it in a ball throwing it straight at Leo in return. He tries not to hiss when the fabric whips his face leaving a red mark. “Ain’t my job son…You better watch your tongue. Gettin to be a real smart mouth ain’t ya?”

“Leo don’t.” Carol begs him. She knows what Ed is capable of doing. She knows what he’s like when he’s angry. And he knows what will happen to him but Leo doesn’t care.

“What is your job then Ed?!” Leo snapped. Clenching and un-clenching his fists. “Sitting on your damn ass all day smoking whatever the hell it is your smoking, while we’re busting OUR asses?”

“Well you sure as hell ain’t doing nuthin. I don’t need to be lectured by a smartass punk.” Ed glances down at a scared Carol. "…come on. Let's go."

“I don’t think she has to go anywhere.” Leo growled out.

 "And I say it is none of your goddamn business. Come on now. You heard me." he belittles Carol.

Carol stands up.


 “Leo that’s enough. It doesn’t matter.”

 “Listen boy,” Ed warns him in a harsh manner. “Don’t think I won’t hesitate to knock you on your ass just because you’re some shy little snot. Now Carol, c’mon. Let’s go.”

 "So she can show up with fresh bruises later, Ed" Jacqui speaks up. "Yeah, we've seen them."

 Leo spares a look over at Shane who’s watching the scene yet he doesn’t do anything. He’s a damn cop though…if Rick was here he’d do something about it

Ed laughs at the comment Jacqui made like it was the funniest he’d heard all day. "Stay out of this. Now come on! You know what? This ain't none of y'all's business. You don't want to keep prodding the bull here, okay? Now I am done talking. Come on."

“No way.”

 Leo shakes his head defiantly. He hated seeing people abused and unable to do anything about it. Carol reminded him so much of a young girl he used to somewhat know at his middle school. He found out her mom was abusing her horrendously and she ended up in the hospital for a month.

He didn’t want to see that happen to Carol or her daughter. “Carol please,” he begged. “Don’t go with him.”

"You don't tell me what! I tell you what!" Ed shoves Leo roughly who’s caught by Glenn and Jacqui…then everything turned to hell when he slapped Carol.

A fury Leo never knew he had bubbled inside of him. His usual soft, brown eyes seemed darker. He grabs onto Ed and tries pushing him but the other was much larger and stronger. Before long, his world is turned sideways. There’s a pain in his nose, blood running down past his lips.

He feels Amy help him up, asking repeatedly if he’s alright. Only he’s too dizzy from the punch. His mind is clouded at the moment.


 “Shane stop it!”

 Shane tackled Ed to the ground and just started pummeling his face. Over and over again until it was a bloodied mess. "You put your hands on your wife, your little girl, Leo or anyone else in this camp one more time and I will NOT stop. Do you hear me?!”

At the mention of Leo’s name the girls rush over to his aid, Amy slapping at his face lightly to get him to snap out of it. Andrea bends down beside him…she looks miserable.

"Oh God. No. God!" Carol sobs. "Ed, I'm so sorry, Ed. Ed, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Ed."

 Shane kneels in front of Leo almost cringing at the blood from his nose. “Oh God…” That’s the last thing he hears before his world turns black.

Can I just say, that I like Carol so much better? Going back to older episodes again (my favorites actually) it's amazing seeing her development.

Fanfiction wise: Hoh boy. Leo tries standing up for someone else and himself, but bites off more than he was able to chew. I think we're all a little bit like him. When we think we're doing the right thing only to have it go that complete opposite.

Rick could see Leo’s and Glenn’s faces light up as he brings in a beautiful, red sports car with a black stripe going down the hood like he was Santa Claus bearing gifts. “Oh my god.” Glenn gasps out as the cop busts open the windows to sound the alarm. He grins deviously over at Leo who gives a small one in return.

They could not WAIT to get behind the wheels of this thing.

“This is going to rock!” Leo can’t help but say hopping in the leathered seats with Glenn taking the wheel.

“Right?! I’d suggest you hang on tight Leo: We’re gonna burn some rubber!”

 Oh the benefits of being in an apocalypse.

 The tires do in fact squeal as they speed off towards the store, catching many walker’s attentions at the sound. Leo rolls down his window releasing a piercing whistle. “HEY!” He barked out as Glenn calls the others to go up to the roll out doors. “Hey that’s right, we’re over here! C’mon. C’mon get closer.”

He never thought he’d have this much of a blast luring away walkers like this. His adrenaline was pumped beyond normality. He could feel it pulsing through his very veins. “What’d you say man?!” Glenn calls over the noise, watching Rick and the others get to safety. “How about we take this baby out for a spin?!”

“I say ‘Hell to the yeah!’”

 They manage to drive around Atlanta without crashing it. Alarms kept blasting in their ears along with a CD Leo put in but did they care? Not in the slightest. "Whoo-hoo-hoo! Yeah-hoo-hoo!"

Never. In his whole life had he felt so alive.


“I think we should be back home soon!” Glenn’s voice sounds over the alarm as they drive along the road still. They were far ahead of the truck that much they knew. The alarm and music playing were bouncing off the mountains.

“Think the others hear us?!” Leo asked. The wind blowing through his hair.

 Within a matter of moments, Leo can see Dale watching them up on his RV just as they pull into the camp. "Holy crap. Turn that damn thing off." He called out.

“We don’t know how!” Glenn responded, giving him a grin. Leo still has that smile plastered on his face.

"Pop the damn hood!" Shane shouts.

 Glenn does just that and Shane manages to turn the alarm off. “Andrea? Is she coming back?” Amy questions Glenn.

“Yeah! Yeah everybody is…well…” He trails off and Leo clears his throat.

 “Well…Merle: Not so much.”

 “Are you out of your mind?” Shane yells at Leo. His shyness instantly kicks in as he hides behind Glenn, biting his lip at the sight of the angry man before them. "Are you trying to draw every walker for miles?"

“Yeah of course we are dude.” Glenn retorts. “Just lay off him will you?”

 “I think we’re okay.” Dale tries to calm Shane down.

 "You call being stupid okay?"

 “It wasn’t our idea to drive it.” Leo says back.

 "The alarm was echoing all over these hills. Hard to pinpoint the source. I'm not arguing. I'm just saying. It wouldn't hurt you to think things through a little more carefully next time, would it?" said Dale.

A weary sigh sounds from Glenn, rubbing the back of his neck. “Sorry,” he muttered. Looking with a sheepish look and a shrug. “We have a cool car though.”


"Andrea!" the two sisters run up to each other and hug. "Oh my god. You scared the shit out of me."

Leo smiles softly at the scenes of Andrea and Amy reunited followed by Morales and his daughters. It suddenly reminded him of how much he was beginning to miss his mother…every now and then he hoped she would just, turn up somehow. “Leo!” It’s not long before he’s on the ground, laughing in a gentle fashion when he’s bombarded by Ron and Brianna.

Alec, Rhee and Riley race over to him next. The girl has happy tears and that of relief in her eyes when she sees he’s alive. He gives them a wave of acknowledgement.

"How'd y'all get out of there anyway?" Shane questions.

 “New guy.” Glenn replies.

 “New guy?”

 "Yeah, crazy Vato just got into town, Hey, helicopter boy! Come say hello!" Morales calls Rick who gets out of the truck.

“The man’s a cop,” Leo replies patting Ron on the head. “Just like you.”

 The moment Rick makes it to the group, mere words cannot describe the way he and Shane look at one another. More so when Carl and Lori spot him. He and Glenn share a puzzled expression.

"Oh my God." Rick says. Carl runs up to him shouting, "Dad! Dad!"

 When Carl jumps into Rick’s arms, a certain feeling forms within Leo. He has to bite his lower lip to keep from crying at the touching scene more so when Lori hugs her husband in return. Thinking he was dead all this time. And now here he was.

He slowly begins to envy the family. Why couldn’t that be him? Why did his father have to be turned into a walker? Why was his mother missing? She could be dead for all he knew or one of those…things. Abominations.

“Wow,” Glenn sounds from beside him. Leo blinks his eyes rapidly. “Good thing we got him out of that tank huh?” He then looked at the wetness on Leo’s face. “Are those tears of relief or happiness?”

“…I’m not sure,” Leo merely mutters, wiping them quickly away with the palm of his hand. Damn it. He hated crying in front of others. “Just thinking of some things is all…I’ve no idea where my mother is. I just want to know if she’s alive.”

Glenn’s face turns solemn. “Well at least you are,” he begins. “If it weren’t for you, this family may not have been reunited.”

Leo gives him a faint smile, nodding in understanding. Perhaps he was right. “Just don’t tell anyone I was crying yeah?”


Night fell quickly and the group were gathered around a camp fire…well Ed, Carol and Sophia had their separate one. Leo shifted his gaze away from them, focusing on Rick who was speaking. "Disorientated." Rick says. "I guess that comes closest. Disorientated. Fear, confusion and all those things, it comes closest." He had his arms around Lori. Carl was laying in between.

"Words can be meager things," Dale said. "Sometimes they mean short."

 There was a cold chill in the air as Leo tried wrapping his arms around himself, only to look at Glenn in surprise when the other grins cheekily down feeling an arm around his shoulders. “You look a little cold…thought I’d warm you up.”

As awkward as the scene might look to others, Leo all but chuckled and welcomed it. Thank God for Merle not being here at least to say anything…

"I felt like I'd been ripped out of my life and put somewhere else. For a while I thought I was trapped in some coma dream, something I might not wake up from ever."

Carl brings up of how Lori thought Rick was dead. Come to think of it, he was wondering the same thing.

 "She had every reason to believe that. Don't you ever doubt it."

 "When things started to get really bad, they told me at the hospital that they were gonna medevac you and the other patients to Atlanta, and it never happened." Lori said.

"Well, I'm not surprised after Atlanta fell."

 “Yeah.” Lori breathed out.

 All the while they talked Leo glanced back from Lori, to Shane and back to Rick again. Shane tossed him a warning look in which he gulps, looking elsewhere snuggling closer into Glenn. Something’s up with him and Lori…I sensed it since the day I first met him he pondered but does not dare say anything.

At least not yet.

Over with Carol, Ed and Sophia’s fire they all watch as Ed puts a logo on the fire. Leo opens his mouth to say something only to have Shane beat him to it. "Hey, Ed, you want to rethink that log?" he asks him.

“It’s cold man.”

 Leo was beginning to feel bad for Carol and her daughter. From the minute he saw that bruise on her cheek when he first saw her. “Keep the fire low,” Alec spoke up as Rhee holds her husband’s hand tight as if telling him to back off. “We don’t want walkers to attract here. Or bandits.”

"I said it's cold." Ed snaps. "You should mind your own business for once."

Alec stood up quickly but Rhee and Riley prevent him from doing anything to Ed. Carol looks like she’s about to cry on the spot but holds it in. “Dad don’t do it,” Riley tells him. “He’s not worth getting in a fight over.”

"Hey, Ed…are you sure you want to have this conversation, man?" T-Dog chimed in.

 "Go on. Pull the damn thing out. Go on!" he shouts at Carol.

 “Don’t yell at her like that asshole!” Leo snaps suddenly, quickly shutting up once again when Ed growls like a dog at him.

“This isn’t your concern boy.” He snarled out.

 “Don’t let him get to you.” Glenn whispered in his ear. Leo sighs in frustration. Why is it whenever he did speak his mind it only caused more problems?

"Hey, Carol, Sophia, how are y'all this evening?" Shane asks them. She answered by saying they were just fine and apologized for starting the accidental fire. "No no no. No apology needed. Y'all have a good night, okay?"

Yeah…a night of beatings from a bastard Leo and Glenn both seem to think.

 "Have you given any thought to Daryl Dixon?" Dale asked. Shit. They almost forgot about Daryl. No telling how he’d react to what happened with Merle…the older Dixon was probably dead by now.

Riley’s eyes widen when she learns they chained him to a pole leaning in to Leo and Glenn. “Were you out of your minds?” She hissed. “What were you thinking doing something like that?”

“Hey you weren’t there,” Glenn told her sharply. Leo finally slinking out of his hold after saying he was warmed up enough. “The guy was a total dick.”

"I did what I did. Hell if I'm gonna hide from him." said T-Dog.

 “We could lie.” Amy suggests.

 "Or tell the truth. Merle was out of control. Something had to be done or he'd have gotten us killed. Our husband did what was necessary." Andrea says looking at Lori. "And if Merle got left behind, it is nobody’s fault but Merle's."

"And that is what we tell Daryl?" Dale questions. "I don't see a rational discussion to be had from that, do you? Word to the wise…we're gonna have our hands full when he gets back from his hunt."

Leo was thanking his lucky stars that Daryl was out hunting right now. Many bad scenarios as to what Daryl would do or react filled his mind.

He was heading back to his tent pulling the flap open after letting the others know he was calling it a night. Stripping down to his boxers, putting on a pair of sleep pants Rhee gave him-yes they were a woman’s pair but at least it was something. Sinking down to the ground, he took a book out of his sack.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle by C.S Lewis. Sophia wanted to read it one night so he let her borrow it and he read it to Ron and Brianna a few evenings. Most people considered this volume sad of the fact the Pevensie’s (minus Susan that is) and Eustace were all killed in that train accident…but he thought it was a, not a ‘happy’ ending but a bitter-sweet one. At least they were reunited in Narnia again.

He feels his eyes begin to droop just when he turns to page sixty. He’s out within a mere matter of seconds.

The day’s events having taken their toll on him.


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“How’s the signal?” Morale asks T-Dog who’s trying to get the radio working. They’re still on the roof with Merle still chained to the pole brooding about his fate. Leo could faintly hear him cussing Rick and T-Dog out.

"Like Dixon's brain…weak."

 Burn Leo laughs softly. From the corner of his eye he can see the older Dixon brother lift his middle finger up at the group. He shudders inwardly what he’ll do when they release him…or IF they release him for that matter.

“What good’s that gonna do though?” Leo muttered out loud. Damn it. All eyes are on him…again. Like speech class all over. Hey at least you didn’t almost piss yourself though in front of everyone he then clears his throat. “I-I mean…What could they possibly do to help?”

"Got some people outside the city is all. There's no refugee center. That's a pipe dream."

 “He’s right then,” Rick speaks up looking at each one of them. “We’re on our own.”

 “Fantastic.” Leo sighed, scratching his forehead.

 "Good luck with that. These streets ain't safe in this part of town from what I hear. Ain't that right sugar tits?" He was talking to Andrea whom all but ignored him as he continues jabbering away. It was hard to believe he and Daryl were related. "Hey, honey bunch, what say you get me out of these cuffs, we go off somewhere and bump some uglies? Gonna die anyway."

Leo would rather not know personally what that meant, shooting him a look of disgust ignoring him all together focusing on the others instead. "The streets ain't safe. Now there's an understatement." He hears Morales say.

"What about under the streets? The sewers?" Rick asked. Leo’s head perked up at that. Thinking outside the box…nice.

"Oh man. Hey Glenn!" Morales calls Glenn over. "Check the alleyway. You see any manhole covers?" Glenn jogged over to the side of the roof only to find no covers.

 "No, must be all out on one street, where the geeks are." He called back with a shake of his head.

"Maybe not." Jacqui speaks up. "Old buildings like this built in the twenties…big structures often had draining tunnels into the sewers in case of flooding down in the subbasements."

Leo stared at her blinking with genuine intrigue. “And how do you figure that?”

"It's my job…was" she said sadly. "I worked in the city zoning office." And in that moment Leo wondered what would’ve happened if she hadn’t tagged along with the group.


Leo hated the thought of leaving T-Dog up on the roof with Merle, following the others down into the store’s basement area. The sewage entrance did not take much long to arrive at. "This is it?" Morales questions.

"I really scoped this place out the other times I was here. It's the only thing in the building that goes down. But I've never gone down it. Who'd want to, right?" Glenn said.

Wrong choice of words Glenn Leo sighs inwardly.

“…Oh. Great.”

“Sorry.” Leo apologizes to him.

 "We'll be right behind you." Andrea reassures him.

 “No you won’t.”

 A frown appears on her face. Clearly offended by the remark. “Why not? You don’t think I can handle it?”

“What? No I wasn’t-.”

 “Speak your mind.” Rick tells him.

 "Look, until now I always came here by myself. In and out, grab a few things. No problem. The first time I bring a group everything goes to hell. No offence. If you want me to go down this gnarly hole, fine…but only if we do it my way. It's tight down there.

If I run into something and have to get out quick, I don't want you all jammed up behind me getting me killed. I'll take one person. Not you either." He says to Rick. "You've got Merles gun and I've seen you shoot. I'd feel better if you were out in that store watching those doors, covering our ass. And you've got the only other gun, so you should go with him. You be my wingman" He tells Morales. "Jacqui stays here. Something happens, yell down to us, get us back up here in a hurry."

He then looks over at Leo. “You can come with me if you want or go with Rick.”

Leo looks back and forth between them and ultimately decides Rick in the end. It was something he felt comfortable with. Rick gave him a little quick gun lesson while Glenn went off with Morales-he might’ve killed a walker but not once with a gun since he first fled from his home. It was strange holding a weapon such as that.

Before Glenn leaves however, he turns around flashing Leo a light grin. “Oh yeah: You should talk more often…you have a nice voice.”

“Wait what do you-?” They were gone leaving a confused Leo where as Andrea and Rick merely grinned at one another.


Leo stood against an empty shelf wondering what items used to be there. Well his grandfather was right after all…crazy old man. He always warned Leo, that this day would come. Maybe if he’d listened to him he would have so much more knowledge on how to survive properly. He was half paying attention to Rick and Andrea talking when Glenn and Morales walked back in.

"What did you find down there?" Rick asks them.

 “No way out.”

 “Shit.” Leo hung his head with a sigh.

 “We have to find a way out and soon.”

 The group makes it back on the top of the roof. Looking over, Leo can see a construction site nearby when he squints down close at it. “Hey Rick?” He asked, nodding to the other. “Those trucks always have a set of keys in them don’t they?”

“You guys won’t make it past the walkers.” Morales tells him.

 “You got me out of that tank.”

 “Yeah, but they were feeding. They were distracted.” Glenn says.

 “Can’t we distract him again?”

 Leo purses his lips in a very thin line hearing Merle shoot his mouth off again. “Can’t we just throw him over the roof and leave him to the walkers?” He muttered. From his right he can see Glenn and T-Dog trying not to snicker at his comment. “I mean, what use is he to us anyway?”

A low whistle sounds from Glenn. “Damn,” he begins in a teasing tone. “Guess it’s true what they say: Better watch out for the quiet ones. Ya hear that Merle?”

“Fuck you Chink!”

 The slur clearly bothered Glenn, but he merely shrugs the redneck off winking at Leo who chuckles a bit. “Anyway,” Morales continues. “They see you. They smell you. And if they catch you. They eat you.”

“They can tell us by smell?” Rick asked in confusion.

 “Can’t you?” Glenn asked him.

 Soon after, Rick is handing Glenn and Leo trench coats puzzling the two males. What was going on through his head? At the sound of a walker snarling outside the store…Leo had just a gut wrenching feeling that this was either going to make him sick or pass out.

And he was right unfortunately.

Once the walker was killed, Rick and T-Dog drag the dead thing in and Leo nearly gags at the stench pulling his coat up to his nose trying to block out the rotted smell. But before he stabs the dead man’s head he finds his wallet. “Wayne Dulop, Georgia license. Born in 1979. He had twenty eight dollars on him when he died…and a picture of a pretty girl. ‘With love: Rachel’. He used to be like us.” Rick glances up as Leo lowers his gaze. Shifting his feet a little. “Worrying about bills for rent or the next Super Bowl…if I ever find my family, I’m going to tell them about Wayne.

And one more thing,” they all look at Leo and Glenn. “He was an organ donor.”


Oh God this is wrong…oh God, oh God, oh God

Leo buries his face in his hands but the sound of an ax going through Wayne’s corpse echoes all around. Sick. Jesus Christ did he feel sick to his stomach. That was one reason he hated horror movies like SAW. But this was reality. “Keep chopping!” Rick says to Morales. Leo has to put his arm in front of his mouth, believing that will keep him from vomiting.

“I am going to hurl.” Glenn moans out. Leo nods in agreement.

 “May already beat you to it…”

 “Everybody got gloves? Don’t get any on your skin or in your eyes.”

 Wait what’s he talking about? Leo’s about to ask only to gasp and shudder as the organs are rubbed over his body. “This is wrong,” he groans, watching as Glenn applies the stuff on him. “This is so…so wrong.”

 “Try to think of something else,” Glenn says trying to keep him relaxed. “Like puppies or kittens.”

Puppies. Cute puppies…

“Dead puppies and kittens.” T-Dog morbidly replies.

 That’s when Leo cannot hold it in. Getting on his hands and knees, he coughs out vomit with Glenn quickly kneeling beside him rubbing his back soothingly. “That is evil,” he hears Andrea snap at him. “What the hell’s wrong with you?”

“Next time let the cracker beat his ass.” Leo hears Jaquil say on his right. “You alright honey?” She asks in a motherly tone, helping him stand back up.

“I-I think so…”

 T-Dog rubs the back of his neck. “Sorry man…wrong choice of words.”

 Leo gave him a deadpanned expression. “You think?”


He, Rick and Glenn are making their way through the dead herd right now. Leo makes sure his arms are loose, attempting to imitate how they walk and sound. Blending in. One of the many walkers around, a nasty looking one with maggot’s in its hair and…eyes actually looks over at Leo. The human all but ignores her. “Looks like someone’s got their eyes on you.” Glenn whispers.

“Shut up.”

 “Don’t draw attention to us.” Rick whispers lowly to them.

 Thunder rumbles above them and Leo begins to panic inwardly. Really? NOW you decide to make it rain God? He thinks begrudgingly. Biting his lower lip. Rick was trying not to panic as well. “We aren’t going to make it,” he whispers in panic. “We’re not going to make it.”

“Hey don’t say that,” Glenn hisses at him. “Keep calm.”

 As they continue to walk that’s when the walker’s realize that they were in fact very much alive. Just waiting to devour them. One starts to charge and Leo makes a squeaking noise. Die. I’m really going to die here aren’t I? But Rick was fortunate enough to smash the thing over the head with a crowbar. “Go!” He hollered.

Leo’s hesitant to kill walkers with his own crowbar, but when a female gets too close to him and Glenn does he whack it across her head-doing all he could to not blanche at the snapping of its neck. So close. They’re so close to the fence he can almost reach out and touch it.

They make a mad dash for the truck, hopping inside frantically searching for the keys. Glenn snatches them up in his hand as Leo calls out for Rick. “Rick!” He called out, just as Glenn chucked them over.

The trio enters the truck simultaneously, rapidly rolling up the windows. Leo’s in the back. “Oh my God,” he gasps out seeing the creatures actually start to climb over the fence.

“They’re all over the place.” Glenn breathes out.

 "You need to draw them away. Those roll-up doors at the front of the store…that area? That's what I need cleared. Raise your friends. Tell them to get down there and be ready." Rick tells them.

Leo and Glenn feel utterly lost. “And how are we supposed to draw the geeks away?”

“Yeah we missed that part.”



Bring it 'Flat Chest'.

Base created by :icon S:

A deleted/not so deleted Attack On Titan OC of mine. Yuma is the sister of Ymir: Both are very protectiva of the other and quite similar personality wise. My other OC Liesel is the younger sister of my main OC Jackson. She and Yuma always get into fights, which will be shown in a possible one shot collection on my AO3 account. Like Ymir though with Christa, there's another reason she is the way she is towards Liesel but refuses to admit it.

As for the 'flat chest' title ^^; That's what Yuma often calls Liesel. She's very insulting and has a vulgar mouth.


“Hey you. Dumbass. In the trailer. Cozy in there?” Leo hears Glenn speak into the radio. The good news was that they arrived in Atlanta without too many problems. Neither of them were dead either. They spotted a guy on a horse coming into the city…surrounded by walkers.

Leo watches with baited breath as the man makes it out of live fortunately. But his horse was unlucky. “Jesus…” He breathed out, watching the poor creature literally ripped to shreds by those monsters.

He didn’t want to imagine what would’ve become of that man had he stayed with the horse.

“We can’t just leave him there.” Leo spoke up, he would be wracked with guilt if they left the poor guy to fend for himself. Hoards of walkers were swarming the trailer he climbed into. Pounding and clawing at the metal. Glenn handed him the radio, taking a deep breath trying to speak into it next. “Hey…buddy. You still alive?”

“Hello? Hello?”

Both looked at one another with relieved expressions. Leo clears his throat, speaking again. “There you are. You scared us for a minute.”

 “Where are you? Outside? Can you see me?”

 “Yeah we can see you…and you’ve got a nasty problem,” Leo says with a sigh. “Walkers are on top of you.”

“What about the good news?”

“I don’t believe there is none.”

 "Listen, whoever you are, I don't mind telling you that I'm a little concerned in here." The man says over the other radio.

Glenn takes the radio. "Oh man. You should see it from over here. You'd be having a major freak-out."

“You guys got any advice for me then?”

Leo takes the radio again. “I say you better make a run for it and just hope, pray whatever for the best.” He told him. The situation was more and more grim by the minute it seemed. A shudder courses up his spine when Leo swears one walker actually looks up at them. Not to mention he’s surprised he’s talking so long with a mere stranger.

Then again they are not making eye contact or talking face to face. Face to face talk always made him uncomfortable.

“That’s all you got? Make a run for it?”

 “Hey his idea isn’t as dumb as it sounds,” Glenn comments next ignoring the eye roll Leo gave him. You've got eyes on the outside here. There's one geek still up on the tank , but the others have climbed down and joined the feeding frenzy where the horse went down. With me so far?"

“So far…”

"Okay, the street on the other side of the tank is less crowded. If you move now while they're distracted, you stand a chance. Got ammo?" Please say yes. Please say yes.”

“In that duffle bag I dropped over there,” Leo looks out and sees it resting in the open…with more walkers crowding around it of course. “Can I get to it?”

“I’d say forget the bag,” Leo speaks next. “You’d be ripped apart if you tried. What’ve you got on you?”

As he waits for the man to respond, he looks over to his right and sees Glenn stare at him with a shock expression. Neither of them really expected him to talk this much, let alone to a total stranger. Soon, Leo actually grins softly at the other. Maybe this talking thing isn’t so bad after all…

"Yeah. Yeah. I've got a Beretta with one clip, fifteen rounds."

Leo breathes a sigh of relief when the man finally responds. Good to hear that nothing happened to him. Jump off the right side of the tank and keep on going in that direction. There's an alley up the street. Maybe fifty yards, I guess. Be there."

“Hey, what’s your name?”

“Now’s not the time for names. You better make it quick, you’re running out of time.”



Darkness engulfs them when they wander into the alley way when gunshots echo around the city. Closer and closer. They have to climb down a ladder jumping from it, running to the front. When they skid a corner the man they were speaking with over the radio arrives, thinking they’re one of the walkers.

“Whoa!” Leo shouts, throwing his arms up. “Not dead. Alright?” He peers over the man’s shoulder and swallows, seeing a walker just a few feet away. “Come on…come on!” The trio reach a ladder and begin the climb up.

A hand suddenly shoots up, grabbing Leo’s feet. Looking down, his eyes widened at the sight of a walker trying to bite his foot right off. The putrid, rotted flesh almost makes him sick. He kicks and squirms his leg but the creature has an almost iron grip on him.

Closer and closer her face gets…

A wave of relief washes over him however feeling the man yank him out of the creature’s grasp, firing his gun shooting it dead. Leo’s chest heaves when they finally scramble up…although he lost his left shoe, he was damn grateful he didn’t lose his foot.

"Nice moves there. Who are you? Clint Eastwood? You the new sheriff come riding in to clean up the town?" Glenn finally responds, making Leo chuckle softly-leaning against the wall.

"It wasn't my intention." The man replies.

 Leo rolls his eyes. “Yeah sure. You’re still a dumbass.” He teases.

 “Rick. Thanks.”

 “Swear I thought you were mute at first,” Glenn can’t help but comment. “Didn’t realize you were capable of speaking more than a sentence.”

Leo shrugs one shoulder, grinning softly again. “Hey: If you need help in a bad situation you’ve got to talk right?” The cop with them is a clean shaven man with short, dark hair, about average height and slim…for some reason his eyes remind him of Carl’s a bit. “I’m Leo by the way. Leo Ackerman.”

"Glenn. You're welcome. Oh no." Leo travels his gaze to Glenn’s and he almost blanches at the sight. A crap ton of walkers, more than before are clawing at the ladder. One actually manages to make the first step only to slip soon after, being trampled by the others. "The bright side: It'll be the fall that kills us. I'm a glass half full kind of guy."

Once they make it to the roof, Leo feels the warm sun hit his body. The skies were a crystal-clear blue, only a few white, puffy clouds reflected in his eyes. "Are you the one that barricaded the alley?" Rick asked either of them.

"Somebody did…I guess when the city got overrun. Whoever did it was thinking that not many geeks would get through." Glenn responded.

“Why’d you stick your neck out for me?” Rick was looking at Leo this time.

 Shit…Shit he’s looking at me. What do I say? Leo feels his chest tighten and as if he’s about to vomit on the spot. Creeping behind Glenn a little who sighs, lightly patting him on the shoulder speaking for him. "Call it foolish," he says. "I hope that if I’m ever that far up the shit creek, somebody might do the same for me. Guess I’m a bigger dumb ass than you.”


As soon as they return to the store they were previously in, Rick is greeted with Andrea pointing a gun straight in between his eyes. "You son of a bitch. We ought to kill you." She growls out, pressing the gun further into his head.

"Just chill out, Andrea. Back off.” T-Dog attempts to reason with the clearly pissed off woman.

 "Come on. Ease up." Jacqui tells her.

 Leo gives a shake of his head, standing close beside Glenn mouthing ‘No’ to her. But she doesn’t listen to either of them until T-Dog calls her out once more. "Andrea, I said back the hell off."

For Rick’s sake she does fortunately let him go, looking as if she’s about to cry on the spot. “We’re dead…We’re all dead no thanks to you.”

 "I don't understand." Rick says.

 "Look, we came into the city to scavenge supplies. You know what the key to scavenging is? Surviving! You know the key to surviving? Sneaking in and out, tiptoeing. Not shooting up the streets like it's the O.K. Corral." Morales tells him.

Okay….that’s not really fair. Rick’s new to this: How was he supposed to know? Leo wants to tell them yet he keeps his mouth shut. Looking at Rick with remorse.

"You just rang the dinner bell." Andrea inputs.

 Leo hears that awful growling/snarling and turns. Walkers are crowding against the glass that should be strong enough to hold: One walker even uses a rock trying to break through it. "Oh God." Andrea breathes. "What the hell were you doing out there anyway?"

“Trying to flag the helicopter.” Rick informs her.

 Leo actually lets out a breathy laugh. “Helicopter?” He whispered.

 "Helicopter? Man, that's crap. Ain't no damn helicopter."

 "You were chasing a hallucination, imagining things." Jacqui says as a matter of fact.

 “I saw it.” Rick claims. And the minute he looks at Leo, the other bites his lip feeling Glenn wrap an arm out of comfort around his shoulders.

Avoid eye contact. Avoid eye contact. Avoid…

"Hey, T-Dog, try that C.B. Can you contact the others?" Morales asks their other companion and friend.

“Others?” He questions. “You mean the refugee camp?”

 Leo gives a slow nod of his head. “Yeah,” he muttered. “They’ve got biscuits waiting back home for us.” He feels eyes on him and looks up grim to find that they are. Staring right at him. Once again he closes his mouth.

T-Dog is trying to get in touch with the camp, but there is no signal. "Maybe the roof."

And right after he says that, guns start firing. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out its Merle. A groan almost escapes Leo’s lips. “God I hate him.” He muttered under his breath, racing out to the roof with the others.

As to be expected the redneck was firing his pistol, shooting any walkers below not caring at all if he was attracting more with that stupid weapon of his. "Hey, Dixon, are you crazy?!" T-Dog shouts.

But Merle merely laughs at his demand, shooting more walkers regardless. Leo makes a move to step in, only to quickly retreat once more as another shot is fired.

Merle finally stops. "Hey! Y'all be more polite to a man with a gun! Huh? Ah! Only common sense."

"Man, you wasting bullets we ain't even got!" T-Dog snapped, throwing his arms up in frustration.

Merle laughs his manic laugh again. "And you're bringing even more of them down on our ass! Man, just chill!"

"'That'll be the day'? You got something you want to tell me."

 T-Dog really should have just leaved it at that. Saying things such as that would only make the situation worse-Leo learned that the hard way dealing with his old high school bullies. Sometimes it really was best to keep your damn mouth shut. “T-Dog just…back off.” He tried telling the other.

“No.” T-Dog retorted back. Leo pursed his lips in a thin line.

 "You want to know the day?" Merle begins. "I'll tell you the day, Mr 'Yo'. It's the day I take orders from a nigger."

That was enough to set T-Dog off. Merle had crossed the line. At this point, Leo honestly didn’t blame T-Dog a bit for jumping on him. He would have done the same thing…probably. Within seconds, completely ignoring Andrea, Glenn, Morales and even Rick Merle takes his gun out pointing it directly at T-Dog.

That’s when Leo seems to find his voice. “Stop it!! Merle, just get off him please!”

Merle looks at him and everyone else waited. "Yeah! Alright! We're gonna have ourselves a little powwow, huh? Talk about who's in charge. I vote me. Anybody else? Huh? Democracy time, y'all. Show of hands, huh? All in favour? Huh? Come on let's see 'em. Oh, come on. All in favour,”

They raised their arms up to appease him.

"Yeah. That's good. Now that means I'm the boss, right? Yeah. Anybody else? Hmmm? Anybody?”

At this moment everyone seemed to have forgotten about Rick. The cop swooped in tackling Merle, hitting the older Dixon sibling’s head against the pole. "Who the hell are you, man?!" He hollered at Rick, struggling against his cuffs.

"Officer friendly,” Leo smirks a bit at Rick’s reply. "Look here, Merle. Things are different now. There are no niggers anymore. No dumb-as-shit, inbred white-trash fools either. Only dark meat and white meat. there's us and the dead. We survive this by pulling together, not apart."

“Screw you man!”

 “I’d be polite to a man with a gun.” Leo mutters quiet yet somewhat loud enough for Merle to hear for the older Dixon shoots him a long, nasty glare.

“Better watch your mouth boy,” Merle hisses at him as Glenn wraps an arm around Leo’s shoulders in a protective manner. “Or I’ll-…”

“You’ll what?” Rick threatens. Merle shuts up for once seeing the gun in his hand. “Now that’s more like it.” He then picks up Merle’s things.

“Hey! What are you doing? Man that was my stuff! Hey! If I get loose, you'd better pray…Yeah, you hear me you pig? You hear me!?"

“Your voice carries.”

 Rick walks up to Morales, "You're not Atlanta P.D. Where are you from?" Morales asks him as I walk closer to the two men.

“Up the road a ways.”

 Leo actually smiles at that hearing Morales speak again. "Well, officer friendly from up the road a ways, welcome to the city."


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